Brief 5 to 10 minute podcasts on some of the subjects most relevant for Latinos and domestic violence are available through iTunesU.

While the podcasts are aimed at domestic violence advocates, they are appropriate for anyone interested in learning more about Latinos and domestic violence.

These podcasts were recorded by Encuentro Latino in 2011.

Topics include:

  • Acculturation Issues in Latinos
  • Alternative Healing Practices to Treat Trauma
  • Assessing Preparedness to Offer Domestic Violence Services to Latinos
  • Assessment with Immigrant Clients
  • Barriers to Services for Latinos
  • Community Organizing
  • Latino Immigrants - Demographics and Diversity
  • Looking at Trauma Through Culturally Diverse Lenses
  • Religion, Spirituality, and Traditional Healing for Latinos
  • The Latino Terminology Debate
  • The Violence Against Women Act
  • What Does it Mean to be Bilingual Enough?



Instructions for Accessing the iTunesU Podcasts through iTunes:

1. Log in to iTunes (you must have iTunes installed on your computer first)

2. Search for “iTunesU Encuentro Latino”

3. The podcasts will appear under our logo



Instructions for Accessing the iTunesU Podcasts without iTunes:

To access the podcasts through the Internet (no iTunes required), go to: Encuentro Latino iTunesU